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Photography & Videography

Angela Stanford

Hi! I’m Angela – natural light photographer and videographer based on the East Coast.

I’ve always been a fan of photography. As an only child with a photo-happy mother, my childhood was well documented (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Looking back, I’m so thankful for a mother who did this; she instilled in me a passion for catching the little moments in everyday life. A smile, a glance, a wacky face…it didn’t matter, because it showed the personality of the person in front of the lens. When I got older, I discovered myself taking my camera everywhere (and I mean everywhere!). I liked landscapes and photos of my cat, but my true passion was people. When I landed a job at a frame shop in my hometown, I got an education on color and framing (not just physical frames but through a camera lens as well). In helping local photographers pick and choose exactly what worked for their photos, I gained a lot of knowledge about the artistic side of photography. After investing in my first “big camera,” I started playing with light and filters and soon discovered I enjoyed being behind the lens. I got married to my wonderful Nathan and moved to Delaware, and he bothered me about keeping up photography. He’s my favorite videographer, sidekick (“work that reflector!”), and second shooter, and he always makes me smile.

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